Unleash the

Mediterranean within.

Unleash the Mediterranean within.

A new ritual that strengthens the body, warms the heart, and awakens the mind.

Douze creates elixirs inspired by the Mediterranean way of life, where living well and well-being blend harmoniously.

The Med way of life is filled with wholesomeness, generosity and hedonistic, upbeat and carefree moments, to be enjoyed alone or with others.

Travel to these memories of joy, warmth and gathering.

We’ll take you there.

Woman in a sunchair by the sea, opening a Douze Apricot & Za'atar can
Woman at the beach, smiling with her eyes closed and biting into a fresh apricot. Her hair is wet and the sun is shining.
Woman hosing herself down with water by the sea
gecko-icon The meaning of Douze

Marcel, the gecko

Marcel is your lucky charm, keeping you happy and uplifted throughout the day.

Marcel is a core part of the Douze family. The gecko's meaning is symbolic of protection, luck and the Med. Marcel protects your wellbeing and mood with Mediterranean ingredients and plants.

Doorway in the sun with fllowering plant
Why Douze? douze-logo

Douze, also pronounced [duz]

(Douze means twelve in french)

Whether midday or midnight, twelve alludes to time, sharing, festive gatherings, and dozens of moments treasured. The epitome of comfort, warmth and Mediterranean wellbeing.

Elixirs for 12PM to 12AM and 12AM to 12PM

Our Ingredients

Douze Founders

Célia & Roxane

As two children of the Med, we seek to capture the recipe of a Mediterranean lifestyle, these simple pleasures that bring moments of joy and elation into the everyday.

Think back to biting into juicy and flavourful fruit, smelling the first spring whiffs of jasmine, sharing precious moments with close ones or playing card games and backgammon. That is what everlasting summer feels like.

It is what we wanted Douze to taste like.