a Pierre Collins cocktail on ice in a whisky old fashioned glass. Pink cocktail with two basil leaves as garnish. blush pink background

Le Pierre

Inspired by Pierre Collins
Pina Colada cocktail in a tall highball glass with green apple and fresh mint as garnish sitting against the rim of the glass. Yellow gradient background

Coco Douze

Inspired by Piña Colada
Bloody Mary in a tall glass with celery stick and cherry tomato. Crimson background and surface

Douzy Mary

Inspired by Bloody Mary
Tom Collins in a whisky old fashioned glass. Beverage is orange and has melon inside. Background is muted orange and yellow

Douze Calling

Inspired by Tom Collins
Sangria with pieces of peaches and oranges. see-through light yellow beverage on yellow gradient background

Quartier Libre

Inspired by Sangria
hot toddy or grog on ice in a whisky glass. amber color on an orange background

Lune de Miel

Inspired by Grog
Hot Toddy Cocktail on ice in a tall highball glass with fennel sprig garnish. orange background and mirror surface

Cold Toddy

Inspired by Hot Toddy
Pastis drink with licorice stick inside the beverage. Opaque yellow color.

Le Sud

Inspired by Pastis
Martini glass filled with orange fizzy beverage. rosemary sprig garnish. orange background. salted rim


Inspired by Aku-Aku
Spritz with a twist on ice with a rosemary sprig garnish. green background and amber beverage.


Inspired by the Classic Negroni
Bramble cocktail in a whisky glass with blackberry and rosemary garnish. Pink beverage and orange gradient background


Inspired by Bramble
Cocktail Garibaldi with Campari. Blood orange or red beverage with thyme sprig. Brown gradient background


Inspired by Garibaldi

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